Saturday, February 1, 2014

Weekly Spending Report 1.31.14, January Spending Wrap Up, Goals For Next Month

Here's the Stats for Week 4:

24.00- Pizza Night
(1 regular pizza for me and kid 1, 1 gluten free for Mike)
21.00 - Bota Box Wine
I decided to try this, since it is equivalent to 4 bottles of wine and said it is good for a month. It isn't bad! (I only drink wine a glass or two at a time, so I like that it lasts long)
35.00- Church Stuff
32.00 - Fruit basket gift for my aunt and uncle
92.72- Groceries
53.00- Gas (oh! that darn car!)
20.00 - Sushi take out ( I had an attack of laziness and didn't make dinner)

Total For Week:

The month of January has come to a close. Here is my total spending for the month:

That is pretty low for a family of 4! Can I get it lower? This month I am going to try to focus lowering our take-out food bill- as that eats up a lot of our money (just last week alone we spent $44.00.) My challenge to myself is to spend no more than $25.00 next month. Challenge accepted!

 I want to add that my family has no debt. We have been blessed by generous family members, and smart parents who taught me how to be a good steward of our money. My husband received a small inheritance from his grandparents, which we used to pay off his student loan. My husband and I have budget meetings, we have one shared checking account and we make our financial decisions together. When we spend more than about $20 on something, we consult the other to get the "okay" on purchasing. This means there are no surprises on the bank statement at the end of the month (and unhappy spouses).

Have a great weekend!
(What will the groundhog say?? (for my US friends))



  1. Hi Katie, I think you are very brave putting up your expenses for all to see! Your groceries are considerably less than mine. I budget for about $40 p/p per week, but often go over. Do you pay rent or a mortgage? I may have missed that from your last posts. I like the way you have 'budget meetings'. I kind of do this with my husband, but we both spend quite a bit more than $20 without telling each other.. but then we know what is reasonable within our budget. Keep up the good work!

    1. Hi! It is kind of scary putting it out there but it really helps me be accountable of all my spending. I will be out and think "hm, do I really want to post that I bought this on the web?" We do have a house payment, it was in the first week I lumped it together with "bills". I suppose I could make a more detailed description of "bills".
      $40/per person/per week isn't bad. My grocery bill ebbs and flows with how closely I pay attention to sales.