Sunday, June 19, 2016

Being Content Where You are

This blog has been long neglected. Somehow having a baby takes the fire out of you to do anything else than just be. The time with littles goes by so fast. I know, my boys are now 10 and 2! Now that the little guy in is a little older, I am feeling the writing bug again.

This blog isn't about money- it's not about followers. If you want to join in, I'd love the company. I am chronicling my personal reflections on the ability to be content. Where I am- with what I have. With less.

Will you join me?

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Personal Blogging vs. Business Blogging

I have been on quite the journey through blogging this year. If you know may (or if you don't!) you may have remembered in November 2013 I had my second child. Because of this, I was home from work, and money was tight. So, since I enjoyed my personal blog so much, I decided to look into blogging as a business, to make an income from home.

Blogging for profit is a totally different animal than personal blogging. Now, I am not saying in any way that it is bad or it is wrong. I think it is fabulous so many men and women can write about their passions, help others, and earn an income from home.

But writing professionally, and for profit turns out is really not my thing. At all. What to I enjoy most about blogging? Connecting with others.

But, through this past year long journey I did discover something I am good at, like, and can do from home. And now I work as a virtual assistant, helping others. Tuns out I am quite technically inclined! (Despite my want to be a creative so badly). As we age I do think we discover more what our gifts are, and start to care less whether or not we fit into a mold.

Thus leads me to the separation of my business blog and my personal blog. This is my personal blog. I hope you will follow me on my personal journey.

If you are interested in my professional life, you can check out my professional site here; . It is still under construction :)

I currently work for an awesome blogger whom I love doing behind the scenes tech-y stuff.

Working from home is truly a blessing. Especially for an introvert like me.

How do you feel about business vs. personal blogging?

Friday, October 9, 2015

Is anyone still out there?

I went through a round of official blogging. With a real domain and a real site. And at the end of the day, I miss this little blogger blog. I miss the friends I made here and the little blogging community I had.

Maybe I will write here again? Life is busy as a work at home mom of 2 rowdy boys. But, the urge to write cannot be ignored.

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Blogging Through the Bundle- Strawsome Glass Straws

One of the things I was most excited about in this Healthy Living Bundle was the bonus offer credit towards glass straws. I have been wanting to try glass straws for a while. You think I would have them already, considering the "low waste" factor, but I could never really justify shelling out the dough for them when I could always just you know, drink out of a cup without a straw.

The number 1 reason I wanted to try glass straws was for smoothie drinking. (Smoothie pictured above made green by the addition of collard greens, and idea from the "Green Smoothie Challenge" Book.)

The only container we have large enough to hold our monster green smoothies that we have are ball mason jars. And while I am perfectly capable of drinking it straight from the jar, what tends to happen is I get smoothie gunk on my nose where the rim of the jar hits it, as exhibited in Crappy Selfie.

Crappy Selfie

I was very excited to use my $15.00 credit to Strawsome. I ordered a "straw sample kit" which included one short straw, one short smoothie straw, one tall straw, and one tall smoothie straw.

The tall smoothie straw fits perfectly in my ball canning jar and allows me to sip the green goodness without worrying that I might have gunk on my nose. It is also really easy to clean. They provided a little cleaning brush with it, but I have been just putting it in the dishwasher.

Verdict: Awesome! Why didn't I try this sooner? Oh yeah, I'm cheap.

If you want to try Strawsome, check them out here: Strawsome

I am not affiliated with them, but I am a satisfied customer who uses her smoothie straw every day!!


Monday, September 29, 2014

Blogging Through the Bundle: Was the Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle Worth Buying?

(photo credit:

So I came upon this ebook deal, called the "The Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle". Being as I am into e-books, and healthy living I decided to check it out.

It includes 73 ebooks, and a bunch of bonus offers. The total price was $29.95, or $39.95 for the Kindle/ebook version (which I bought).

Being that I have to analyze every purchase to death to make sure it was worth it, I am going to be talking about each book and bonus offer here on the blog, so then when the next sale goes live, I can decide if it was worth the price or not (and maybe you want to know if you should buy it too?)

So far I have already read 3 books.

The first book I read right away .
(image taken from

Crash Course in Natural Parenting by Karli Von Herbulis

This book is just the basics in Natural Parenting, I will say most of it was stuff I already knew so I was a little disappointed. But, it would be great for someone just embarking on natural parenting.

(image taken from

The 30 Day Green Smoothie Challenge Guide

I am no stranger to green smoothies. We were whipping them up in our Blendtec long before it was  cool. But, this book motivated me to actually do it every day. In addition, it inspired me to use other greens besides my go to spinach and kale. I would recommend this book if you like green smoothies. Or even if you don't. :)

(image taken from

Clean and Simple by Stephanie Langford and Writers @ Keeper of the Home

I'm not going to lie- I stopped making my own cleaners since the birth of my baby well, almost a year ago. I have gotten used to the convenience of buying stuff. I was excited about this book because hey- 7 cleaners and you can clean your whole house! The recipes seem very easy and doable. I enjoyed the book, but since I have yet to make the cleaners I cannot vouch for whether they work or not (maybe I should get on that?)

I have more Books of the Bundle waiting for me on Kindle.... Stay tuned!!!


Thursday, September 4, 2014

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Depression and Anxiety are not a Choice.

There has been a lot of talk going around the internet surrounding the recent death of Robin Williams. While I am greatly saddened, I hope we can use his tragedy to spread light on the fact that many people are quick to deny-

 Mental illness is real.

Depression is real.

Anxiety is real.

And it can kill.

Mental illness is devastating to those who suffer from it and those around them. I know this because I am a sufferer of depression and anxiety. In my short 30 years of life, I have suffered from depression, generalized anxiety disorder, obsessive compulsive disorder, and panic disorder. For lack of better words, it sucks.

It sucks because a lot of people think you should just choose not to be depressed anymore. People don't judge diabetics for taking insulin, but they will judge people with mental illness for taking medication.

(Image source:

If you are one of those people who thinks that enough healthy eating, sleeping, exercise, and prayer will pull you out of the pit of depression, I am happy for you. I am glad that worked for you. But, it doesn't work for everyone.

Depression is more than feeling blue. It is feeling like this:  Anne Voskamp.
It is the feeling of no feelings. I liken it to ring in one of those rooms Star Wars style where the walls are closing in on you and crushing you.

OCD is more than wanting a neat room or being clean. It is vomiting after you eat because you are sure your food has been poisoned. It driving back to make sure you didn't run anyone over every time you hit a bump. It is checking your baby's pulse every 10 minutes because you are sure he died of SIDS. It is removing all the knives from your house in so no one gets hurt. I say that because that was me.

What people need suffering from mental illness is not to be torn down, to be ridiculed. We need God. We need your compassion, caring and prayers. Sometimes we need medication too.

My name is Katie, and I have suffered from anxiety and most recently post partum depression. I take medication and I am not ashamed.

Because at the end of the day, it is NOT a choice. No one would choose to feel like this.

If you ever need someone to talk to, you can comment and I will email you. I will listen, and pray for you. Whatever you need. You are not alone!