Friday, July 11, 2014

Help! Food Allergies and My Out of Control Grocery Budget

So, I was going along nicely with my grocery budget, keeping things within reason despite having to shop for my husband with celiac disease, when I was thrown another curve ball.

The baby started having bloody diarrhea, which was quite alarming but apparently is a sign of a dairy allergy. Since I am still breastfeeding, I was advised to cut dairy out of my diet (and discontinue the baby yogurt I was giving him.)

His symptoms have since cleared up, but being dairy free and gluten free presents challenges in our house, particularly with the grocery budget. Almond milk is more expensive than dairy milk (and soy milk gives me ahem bad flatulence.)

I am caught between the dance of wanting to buy sustainable/organic foods and keeping the price down. It is hard to decide which is the most important.

Also, not having the accountability of posting my expenses here has made me lazy, and I have become lax in keeping the costs down.

For July I am going to go back to posting my expenses, and gluten-free dairy-free meal and snack ideas.

Suggestions are welcome!

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  1. I tend to find that you have to bend your brain when you get around allergies, rather than buying gluten free bread for toast, instead move b'fast to oats (I mean, they aren't all gluten free either). Instead of pasta, more rice based meals. It does sometimes feel like you're limiting your choices, but then you get more adventurous with grains and pulses you previously might not have tried or known. I haven't kept being gluten free, but I certainly went hard at it for a while in an attempt to heal my skin condition. Alas, it didn't make a decisive enough difference.