Saturday, February 15, 2014

Weekly Spending Report 2.14.14, First Breech of The Compact, Botched Take out Goal

I didn't have the chance to get this up yesterday. I had my first breech of the compact this week- i purchased a "Character Badges" behavior chart kit for my older son (we have been having some issues with behavior, and have yet to find a discipline system that works. I do not believe in any type of corporal punishment.)

Here is the breakdown for the week:

10.00 Character Badges Program
53.60 Groceries
20.00 Church
30.15 Husband Gasoline
45.00 Sushi- my husband got a sushi dinner for us for Valentine's day. I guess I didn't tell him my goal was $25 on take out this month.  Oops.

Total: 158.75

We live in the area of the US that is getting slammed by ice and snow. Fortunately we did not lose power for very long!

Have a great weekend!



  1. I'm so proud of your low grocery costs - ours were a touch over $100 today :s BUt we've not eaten out this weekend (other than 1 coffee), and I then gave more to my church than I usually do, as I didn't have any smaller notes, so that's a nice side bonus.

    I can't imagine snow + no power!! Horrible - do you still have heat with oil, or no?

    1. I have a post in the wings about what I buy at the grocery store and how cheap I am.
      We do not have heat with out power- but so far we have been pretty lucky!!