Thursday, June 19, 2014

Low Waste Endeavors as of Late

I am not blogging much, but here is what I am doing in the "low waste" homefront.

1.) Composting.
Don't know why I didn't start years ago.

2.) Forgoing the Air Conditioner
Even in the 90's we've managed to only use the unit in the bedroom at night. The hottest the house has gotten is 89*F. Time to find a fan?

3.) Cold Showers
This makes it fast.

4.) Local organic farm co op
We joined with my mom and sister. I am really enjoying the fresh fruit and veggies!

What are you doing to reduce your waste/impact?


  1. I compost, and am SO thankful it's a community run one, cause I don't have a yard.

    I also don't have a heater here. Sure it doesn't snow here, but it does get cold. MOre clothes are usually the answer, or retiring under the doona!!

    Sadly, my no plastic bags from the grocery store has been thwarted by getting groceries delivered of late, but it is lowering my stress and that IS important too.

    1. I wish we had community composting.
      I also wish we had an alternative to oil heat- we are looking into a pellet stove. It gets VERY cold here.
      Sometimes you need to lower stress- nothing matters if you are not healthy!